Review: New pop culture sketch comedy ‘Stevie TV’ debuts March 4 on VH1

VH1 and the producers at New Wave Entertainment (“Are You There, Chelsea?” “Frankie and Neffe,” “Despicable Me,” “Family Guy,” “Avatar”) are..launching the new sketch comedy series “Stevie TV” premiering this Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 11:00 PM ET/PT on VH1. The show stars female actress/writer Stevie Ryan who’s like more of a modern day hipster Tracy Ullman taking on many of the characters herself with a variety of guests in the sketches…I’ve previewed the first episode…

One of my new fav tv shows “Michael and Michael Have Issues” on Comedy Central

I ran across “Michael and Michael Have Issues” on Comedy Central randomly one night while channel surfing and was instantly hooked. It even woke my hubby up from sleep who joined me watching the show. I haven’t heard people talk about it much so I thought I’d give the show some blogger love.