TLC’s Kate Plus 8 returns with new episodes on April 4, 2011

On Monday, April 4 at 10pm, TLC brings back all-new episodes of Kate Plus 8. The hour-long premiere episode follows Kate and her eight as they travel 21 hours across the globe to Australia..ringing in 2011 in a city that celebrates the new year first – Sydney, Australia.

The Fate of Jon and Kate Plus 8

Commentary on Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage after the season 5 opener.

New show I’m feelin’ “Jon and Kate + 8” on TLC

Don’t ask me why this show has caught my attention, but it has.  I flipped past it randomly on TLC last week and have been catching it here and there ever since then.  I don’t know…something about Jon and Kate’s interaction reminds me of myself and my hubby. Kate is kind of the neurotic perfectionist […]