Interview: MTV’s Abram Boise embarks on Star of Happiness Tour to promote literacy and autism awareness

Abram’s hit the road with a publicist, cameraman, sound guy, and I’m sure a few stragglers along the way. In his journey, he’s traveling to elementary schools, Head Start Programs, and autism schools in support of Autism Speaks across the midwest and east coast to read his book, “The Star of Happiness” to children while promoting literacy and encouraging young people reach for the stars- the book’s premise.

Reality TV Spotlight: MTV Road Rules and Challenge cast member Abram Boise

Read here about Abram Boise’s on and off camera persona of someone who has spent nearly 10 years on MTV reality shows, his relationship with Cara Maria, and a glimpse at his original children’s book “The Star of Happiness.” This is a precursor to my full interview with Abram Boise to be posted very soon.

Robert Elkin Portillo interviews Ruthie Alcaide from Real World Hawaii

When you talk about classic Real Worlders, Ruthie Alcaide is one of the people that come to mind. Same thing for RW/RR Challenges. Ruthie was my fave before Ev (Evelyn) came along as one of the best girl competitors in the challenges. Robert Elkin Portillo posted his interview with Ruthie on the Fresh Meat II Facebook fan page and I wanted to repost it here. says green friendly season of RW/RR Challenge- The Island not so green at the end

I ran across this article today while looking for info on the finale.  It includes photos of the island after MTV finished taping and allegedly “cleaning up” after the show.  I don’t know if this is all true, but I also wouldn’t be surprised.  There’s a lot more at stake when the cameras are rolling […]

MTV’s RW/RR The Island- EV is my fucking hero!!!!

Taking that key was one small step for reality tv but ONE GIANT LEAP FOR FEMINISM!!!! Who needs Sarah Palin when you have EV?  I would munch her rug any day…  jk  😎 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have to watch this season’s Real World-Road Rules “The Island.” Suck my stretch-marked […]