CAST REVEALED!!! Real World/Road Rules 2010 Summer Challenge

UPDATE AUG 27, 2010: Well, we now know that the next Real World/Road Rules Challenge is called “Cut Throat.” MTV just released a teaser video a few days ago. See below, and if you have Facebook, check out the fan page. I also read on Vevmo that it was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic. From here forward, I’ll put any additional news and such in new blog posts.

CAST REVEALED!!! MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2 airing Spring 2010

We can thank who was able to get the skinny on the next MTV RW/RR Challenge season. It’s going to be called “Fresh Meat 2” which I’m not sure why they call it that over the Ruins or Duel or any of the other names. Maybe the rules are similar?