says green friendly season of RW/RR Challenge- The Island not so green at the end

I ran across this article today while looking for info on the finale.  It includes photos of the island after MTV finished taping and allegedly “cleaning up” after the show.  I don’t know if this is all true, but I also wouldn’t be surprised.  There’s a lot more at stake when the cameras are rolling […]

MTV’s RW/RR Challenge- The Island: EV never say never

Here are some graphics I created that convey my feelings about the final episode… followed by… gives us all… entertainment!  nothing more, nothing less.  scripted or unscripted.  real, fake, or somewhere in between. any questions??? ~Ifelicious

MTV’s RW/RR The Island- EV is my fucking hero!!!!

Taking that key was one small step for reality tv but ONE GIANT LEAP FOR FEMINISM!!!! Who needs Sarah Palin when you have EV?  I would munch her rug any day…  jk  😎 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have to watch this season’s Real World-Road Rules “The Island.” Suck my stretch-marked […]

My fav MTV show is back on! RW/RR Challenge: The Island

I won’t confess to how many times that I watched it over the past few days, nor that I’m watching it now.  😉  The RW/RR Challenges appeal to me mainly because… I get to see RW alumni (never got into RR) and know what they’re up to now I love competition, and it’s so much […]