EXCLUSIVE Interview with Bobby V: Back to Love single, Peach Moon EP, and more

On May 14, 2013, Bobby V gave us a taste of his upcoming EP by releasing its title track “Back to Love” off his upcoming EP “Peach Moon.” Just recently, I spoke to Bobby V about the “Peach Moon” EP and while there’s no release date set for it yet, it promises to be something […]

Diggy has a sure fire hit with his latest single ‘Do it Like You’ featuring Jeremih

Diggy, now that’s how you do it! This young heartthrob just dropped his second single “Do It Like You” off his forthcoming album that is sure to race to the top of the charts and make the #Jetsetters (his fan base) let out shrilly screams as he continues on the Scream Tour with “Mrs. Right” Mindless Behavior.

July 2009 JENESIS Magazine- Interview with Raheem DeVaughn

An article I wrote for JENESIS Magazine, July 2009, pages 70-75. It was a cropping nightmare to put it in this blog since the printed version is the 2 column magazine format, but that task is behind me now. It was important to me to also re-post this article on my blog for you all to read. Also, go to www.jenesismagazine.com to see the full July 2009 issue and more.

MTV’s Making the Band 4 (Season 3)- Que meltdown with Day 26 and Dawn to the rescue!

Commentary on MTV’s Making the Band- Season 3 and the drama surrounding Que from Day 26.

Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke announce tour beginning March 2009

Robin Thicke and Jennifer Hudson begin a 6 city tour together beginning March 31, 2009