Ex-homeless Golden Voice Ted Williams creates Golden Shake

I die. Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “golden voice” is next up at Millions of Milkshakes to create a signature shake to be called The Golden Shake…half of the proceeds will be donated to the Second Chance Foundation established by Ted Williams.

PopEater talks to Dr. Drew who says he’d need a year to help Lindsay Lohan, no tolerance with own kids

Pinsky dialed in with PopEater for a quick chat and discussed his plan for the new show, why he’s “confused” when critics say he’s exploiting star addicts and why he has little desire to treat “very difficult” Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. Also, note to his teenage kids: Your dad will call the cops if you drink and drive. So, you know, don’t.

Michael Lohan to open rehab center in California

Michael Lohan claims he is set to open up his own drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Lohan, the father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, says he is still deciding on a location for the center.