Oh yeahh! Joey Kovar is becoming a wrestler

Remember Joey Kovar who left the Real World: Hollywood season early from what he called a drinking problem at the time? Now, he’s sobering up from drugs and alcohol on MTV’s sister station VH1 for Celebrity Rehab which is wrapping up soon. It was cool to read in The Real World/Road Rules Challenges blog and on Joey’s Twitter page (twitter.com/RealJoeyKovar)that Joey is going to somewhat take after “The Miz” and go into wrestling. Read HERE for the deets.

Real World Hollywood Reunion…they so did not keep it real

It was all backpedaling and playing nice. Posers! I can’t bear to say anything more about the reunion episode. We all know what they were really thinking.  They’re worse than the people at my job…oops!…did I write that out loud?  😛 Ok, so I don’t know how to shut up so here’s a few sentences […]