Throwback Friday: “Jungle Love” by Morrris Day and The Time

After taking a week’s break for the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m back with the latest Throwback Friday. This week’s song was based on a request from one of my early fans of Throwback Fridays and talent in her own right, Deanna Collins. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter @UltimateHost. Her muse was watching the 1984 cult classic”Purple Rain” and suggested a song from the movie performed by Morris Day and The Time. So that’s how I bring you this week’s Throwback Friday pick “Jungle Love.”

Throwback Friday- Prince “When Doves Cry”

Talk about pop culture icons and you have to admit that Prince has a space all to himself. You’ve gotta have some serious game to be like 4 ft 9 in (j/k) and make girls throw their panties onstage!