Kat DeLuna’s PUSH PUSH feat. Akon music video premieres today!

Kat DeLuna teams up with Christian Siriano, Akon, David Guetta and Scott Barnes on new music video. “Push Push” featuring Akon premieres Wednesday, June 16, 2010 on Yahoo.com.

Popped my Fashion Week cherry: Directives West First.LA fashion show

That’s right. I am no longer a fashion week virgin, and what a way to begin my newest love affair! On Friday, March, 19, 2010, Directives West (www.directiveswest.com) hosted the First.LA Fashion Show featuring Fall 2010 looks from local contemporary designers. The event was held exclusively for media and fashion industry invitees and held at the beautiful Cooper Building in Downtown LA. As a reality TV aficionado, I was overly geeked to check out Jeffrey Sebelia’s collection, winner from “Project Runway” Season 3 (www.bravotv.com/project-runway), called Fluxus (see Fashion News “Fluxus appoints Jeffrey Sebelia as new Head Designer”). I did get to meet him in person at the end and of course asked him kindly to grant me an interview.

Boy, that SNL spoof of Christian Siriano from Project Runway really took off

Kudos to Saturday Night Live for propelling an already growing phenomenon known as Christian Siriano from Project Runway to the mass audiences. I’m still mad he won, but I’m seeing a trend on that show. They’re liking the punky look designer in a gay, straight, or any other form.

Reaction to Bravo’s Project Runway Season 4 finale

o, I was all Team Jillian and she lost! WTF!!! I soooooo hated Christian. He was so f* cocky, but he was fairly decent.