Kristin Cavallari hints that The Hills might go on for a lucky season 7

In what might be bad news for reality TV star Heidi Montag, her fellow show star Kristin Cavallari has hinted to the media (E! Online), that their reality show, “The Hills” may continue to another season. Kristin Cavallari, in a recent interview said, The Hills may have still have some life, apart from the final 12 episodes that are yet to air.

MTV sends those privileged Super Sweet 16ers to ‘Exile’

I’m liking this show.  It reminds me of “The Simple Life” and I’m sure that was an inspiration for the show.  Sometimes, I wonder why I watch this stuff, but I find it interesting to see someone who has come from nothing but privilege come face to face with a life they’d never normally see…or […]

Meet up with Gs to Gents Mikey P and Cee at "Ladies and Gents" 8/22/08 in Philly

Calling all Tri State area peeps and anyone willing to take a litte road trip.  Check this party out in Philly at Denim nightclub on August 22nd.  Shoo!  I’d be there, too, if I could swing it and get a little VIP action (hint-hint to whoever reads this and knows how to make stuff like […]

The Hills ep27…Girls will be girls

I just watched the latest episode of The Hills on my dvr. Poor Audrina. Girls have a evil cutting way of letting you know that they don’t like you. Lo just popped up out of nowhere this season (well, not really nowhere, but you know what i mean) and became a visible regular buddy of […]

I was accidentally right about Brianna on Real World Hollywood- ep3

When I wrote my last post about the show “Oh! No she didn’t…Kimberly crossed the line on Real World Hollywood ep2“, I had no clue that I was stereotyping Brianna accurately as I joked how she should run with Kimberly’s prejudices. I knew Brianna got pregnant and presumably had an abortion at age 19, but […]