Olivia’s sidekick Nevan from MTV’s “The City” arrested for soliciting a prostitute

Meet James Nevan Donahue. If you’re a fan of MTV’s new faux reality show “The City,” you’ll recognize Donahue as the bothersome swell who pals around with an odious New York City woman named Olivia Palermo who considers herself a socialite and “stars” in the TV program…According to a police report, Donahue, driving a Jeep Cherokee, was searching for some strange one Monday afternoon when he approached a female cop posing as a hooker.

Oh! No she didn’t…Kimberly crossed the line on Real World Hollywood ep2

Guilty as charged. I watched The Real World again, and now it’s on!!! You all need to start writing the producers. Did that ignant southern belle b** Kimberly just call Brianna ghetto? And all the aftermath…she completely did not get it. If you’re white and reading this and thinking that there’s no such thing as […]