Day 26 leaves Diddy and Bad Boy then drops Que from the group…Oh, and they have a shoe line (video)

Wow, I’ve been out of touch with the happenings of Day 26! Last month, the group ended their relationship with Bad Boy and consequently Diddy who hand picked the group through the MTV “Making The Band” reality series. The group is now with Atlantic Records. This morning, I read that Day 26 has officially dropped Que from the group.

Boom Kack! Boom Kack! Laurie Ann Gibson’s back- Making the Band 4 (season 3)

First of all, this is such an AWESOME graphic that I have to say that I found it from Pop-Culture Junkie…now whether or not it originated from there, I do not know, but I tried to give some credit. Awww!  My favorite mama is back, y’all!  Even Diddy had to recognize that that lady MAKES […]