Oct 2011: IN THE LIFE celebrates 20 years of groundbreaking media

IN THE LIFE marks twenty years on public television celebrating and documenting the faces, voices and stories of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. This season premiere opens with analysis of New York’s vote for marriage equality and closes with a look back at twenty years of covering the culture wars.

April 2011: IN THE LIFE “Backlash or Evolution?”

2011 is poised to be a pivotal year in the movement toward marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples..IN THE LIFE travels to Iowa where social conservatives use unprecedented tactics to repeal equal marriage rights in a campaign with national implications. Then, as progress and conservative backlash inflame the marriage controversy at the State and Federal levels, we take a step back for a look at a country divided.

Reflections on Huffington Post article about Proposition 8

First off, I had an awkward moment at work last night as a male began recounting a story about a former gay employee amongst a group of folks kind of in coffee chat mode. I knew it was headed nowhere fast and I started out with little comments like…”that’s not brand.”…Huffington Post article on how there’s this blacklist of everyone who financially supported Prop 8