The rumors are true. MTV The Hills reality star Audrina Patridge is leaving the show.

Audrina Patridge who has added flava to the show with her rocker chick, bad boy dating, insecure self has announced she is leaving after this season airs. We’ll get to catch her on her own show “Sorority Row.”

Oh wait! MTV was just kidding. The Hills will roll on for a 6th season.

Just when I was bored out of my mind watching the same round of antics I see every week on MTV’s The Hills, I get to hear that the show must go on. LC will retire as planned and they’re talking about adding Kristen Cavallari (remember her from Laguna Beach?

MTV reality star turned fashion designer turned novelist. The Hills Lauren Conrad releases 1st novel of a series.

Lauren Conrad to release 3 book series of fiction novels for young people based on her life. The first to be released on June 16, 2009.

Will Heidi upstage LC on her own show?

I’m still Team LC, but I’m happy to see Heidi grow some balls to go with her boob job and mediocre voice. 😉 I’m such a hater, I know. I do think she’s prettier than Lauren. Ouch! That hurt to come out of my mouth. Does that help you silly Heidi fanatics? And it hurts even more to say that I think Heidi might actually upstage Lauryn on her own show. Her bitchy” backstabbingness” is kind of winning me over. Lauryn plays the victim a lot, and I’d like to see the show show (that was weird) more of her confident, does her own thing side.