What’s Next: ‘The Kelly Cutrone Project’ premieres Sep 6 on CW Seed

Now, she’s gracing us with 10-episode web series on CW Seed premiering September 6 entitled “The Kelly Cutrone Project.” The show will cover a range of topics from fashion to pop culture as well as feature celebrity guests

Next season of “The City” returns April 27 on MTV

Hurry up month of April! There’s so much great programming returning to TV. I don’t know if I’d classify “The City” amongst the ranks of “great” programming, but I still keep watching the show. The only thing that keeps me holding on is the drama with Olivia and Erin. From what I read on MTV’s Remote Control Blog (see “Make Room for more mean girl action on season two of ‘The City'”), the drams shall continue. Whitney, well apparently her backbone is growing stronger and her backing from Kelly Cutrone continues. I like Whitney, but she makes for boring TV.

People’s Revolution Kelly Cutrone shows us “Kell on Earth”

As I continue to push my own dreams forward, kick ass power women like Kelly Cutrone inspire me. She’s on top of her game, painfully direct (call it bitchy, but it’s ok to me), and expects the best of the people who work for her…Now, Cutroneys (new word, lol) can get a full dose thanks to her new show “Kell on Earth” premiering Feb 1, 2010 on Bravo TV.

Ifelicious abridged notes on the first 3 episodes of MTV’s latest reality show The City

Ifelicious critiques the first 3 episodes of MTV’s new reality series The City.

The Hills, season4, ep2 is packed full o’ drama mates!

MTV might as well have skipped the dog and pony show that was episode 1 and cut right to this one.  I got all the nail biters I needed to keep me hooked for another season.   Spencer and his whole mafioso style family first speech number 1 cazillion.  The Audrina and Lo cat fight.  Kelly […]