Jimmy Fallon mocks Kate Gosselin’s “Paparazzi” dance (video)

This spoof of Kate Gosselin’s “Paparazzi” performace on “Dancing with the Stars” done by Jimmy Fallon is hilarious!

Kate Gosselin on the Today Show. The feud continues. Oy!

It’s so sad to continue to see this unravel in front of the public eye. Kate doesn’t want Jon to shut her and the show down, and I agree with her pushing back. Unfortunately, there’s going to come a point where something’s got to give.

Jon and Kate Gosselin admit to marital difficulties

Commentary on news reports that Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage is in trouble.

Jon and Kate plus 8: Gosselins get puppies!!!

Jon and Kate Plus 8- The Gosselin family adds 2 German shepherd puppies as a Christmas 2008 present to the kids.