(Pt 2/2) Interview with Saul Williams: filming ‘Aujourd’hui’ in Sénégal

In Part 2, I return to Saul Williams’ first love of acting in the Alain Gomis film “Aujourd’hui.” The film takes place in Sénégal where Saul, the rest of the cast, and film crew spent two months. For the international explorers who read this, I close out by asking Saul about what it was like to stay in Sénégal whilst filming.

FourTwoFive Films Bruce Reisman speaks on state of the entertainment industry

I was overjoyed to hear that Bruce Reisman of FourTwoFive Films wanted to sit down and talk to me. As you’ll read, Bruce has an extensive resume, is not afraid to tell it like it is, and fighting to regain a foothold in the new face of Hollywood that’s filled with reality tv celebrities and younger faces.

8/19/2009 EVENT RECAP- Film screening of Angelo Bell’s “The Broken Hearts Club” at The Bungalow Club in LA

I literally raced from the airport to try to catch at least a little bit of this screening and meet filmmaker Angelo Bell in person, but I got there at the end. In any case, there will still folks mingling and enjoying themselves and the buzz was that “The Broken Hearts Club” is a great flick.