Throwback Friday- Teddy Pendergrass/Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes “Wake Up Everybody”

Ever since I heard about Teddy Pendergrass’s passing on Wednesday this week, the song “Wake Up Everybody” has been in my head. It’s such a fantastic, positive song about making the world a better place, but in nearly every report I’ve read nobody mentions it. In light of all the things going on in the world today, it’s as relevant now as it was in 1975. At the same time, I’m the same person who posted a Throwback Friday tribute to Michael Jackson that was a duet he did with Roberta Flack in the children’s classic by Marlo Thomas “Free to be You and Me” called “When We Grow Up”

Throwback Friday- Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack “When We Grow Up”

Free To Be You and Me is one of my all time favorite videos from childhood…it was an absolutely fantastic children’s musical that teaches tolerance, handling your emotions with care, and self esteem.