(Pt 2/2) Interview with Saul Williams: filming ‘Aujourd’hui’ in Sénégal

In Part 2, I return to Saul Williams’ first love of acting in the Alain Gomis film “Aujourd’hui.” The film takes place in Sénégal where Saul, the rest of the cast, and film crew spent two months. For the international explorers who read this, I close out by asking Saul about what it was like to stay in Sénégal whilst filming.

(Pt 1/2) Interview with Saul Williams: Saturn’s daddy and ‘Volcanic Sunlight’

Saul Williams is an extraordinary artist whose talents extend into theater, film, poetry, and music…In this first of a two-part series, I cover the first 2 discussions (his daughter Saturn and album “Volcanic Sunrise”. he second and final part of this interview series will focus on the film “Aujourd’hui.”