Tracy Chapman “Born to Fight”… a dedication for Fantasia Barrino after overdose

Fantasia Barrino hospitalized yesterday in Charlotte, NC after apparent overdose/suicide attempt on combination of apsirin and sleeping pills. This comes on the heels of Paula Cook allegations that Fantasia broke up her marriage to Antwuan Cook and created sex tapes.

VH1 and World of Wonder bring us “Fantasia for Real”

The last time I wrote about Fantasia it during the time that things really seemed to crumble around her. I was one of the fans who fell in love with Fantasia while she debuted her voice on American Idol. I honestly thought she would become the next Mary J. Blige, but like so many, managing fame and family can really get the best of you. 2 albums, gifted the role of “Celie” in “The Color Purple” by Oprah, single mom-hood, struggles with literacy, rich, poor, and more, VH1 sets Fantasia up for a proper comeback with “Fantasia for Real” debuting tomorrow, January 11, 2010.