Facebook’s first double digit birthday: 10 things I love-hate about you

I ran across a GQ article, on Facebook of all places, with a list of  “10 horrible things brought to you by Facebook.” To me, Facebook is more of a love-hate relationship. As such, I’ve decided to name a total of 10 things that I love-hate about Facebook. Please comment with your own. LOVE 1. […]

Prancing Leopard Organics hosting a Facebook design contest to promote earth-friendly fashion

Hello fashion readers! Are you into sustainable design?..Feel like it’s time to stop talking and do something for the earth? If you come up with a good idea for new earth-friendly products, you might be a winner in Prancing Leopard’s Facebook Contest.

EXCLUSIVE! Ted Williams “The Man with the Golden Voice” joins Twitter, YouTube and Facebook

Ted Williams aka “The Man with the Golden Voice” who was discovered on a street corner in Columbus, Ohio is now communicating with his fans worldwide through social media.