Tyson talks friendship with Tupac and his regret on ESPN’s 30 for 30

Yes, I know this aired last night. I missed it, but it airs again at 10:00 PM on Thursday, September 9, 2010 on ESPN Classic. Mike Tyson is recalling his friendship with Tupac Shakur in a new documentary. ESPN is airing “One Night in Vegas: Tyson & Tupac” on Tuesday. The film chronicles the pair’s relationship and the night Shakur was shot on the Las Vegas Strip; he died six days later.

Forget the media, what do YOU fans want Tiger Woods to do? (apology video)

I get there’s a PR play that Tiger Woods needs to ace, but I feel like the media is saturated with holier than thou commentary, rumors, speculation, and a few morsels of fact. I’m posting a few clips below, but I want to know what YOU think Tiger does or does not need to do to reclaim his status.