SPOILER ALERT! The Idol Pad compiling list of Season 11 Top 42, plus latest American Idol news

The Idol Pad has been updating their blog with as many of the Top 42 contestants as they’ve been able to confirm. They’re also compiling a list of the Top 60 eliminated in Las Vegas Round, as many of the 300+ contestants that made it to Hollywood Week (whew! I had no idea so many people get that far).

American Idol finale, operation shock and awe

I admit that David Archuleta is my little adolescent crush.  He makes me want to get braces and bounce around singing into my brush in the mirror as posters from those little young trash magazine centerfolds of Archuleta are plastered all over my wall.  He can woo anyone into thinking his talent is exponentially greater […]

Just a spoonful of sugar did not keep Brooke White off the chopping block

Oh, Julie Andrews…oops! I mean Brooke dear, what will you do now? I’ll miss my weekly entertainment from Brooke on American Idol. She was one of the contestants I secretly rooted for and openly made fun of. I mean, she’s a nanny, hence my reference back to Mary Poppins. Brooke was my Mary Poppins. How […]