Kat DeLuna’s PUSH PUSH feat. Akon music video premieres today!

Kat DeLuna teams up with Christian Siriano, Akon, David Guetta and Scott Barnes on new music video. “Push Push” featuring Akon premieres Wednesday, June 16, 2010 on Yahoo.com.

Christian Siriano judges Miss America 2008

Give me a fuckin’ break people! Just when I’ve had enough of Christian Siriano, I get the pleasure of reading that he was a judge in the Miss America 2008 pageant last night. It makes some level of sense, given that he makes clothes for the female form, but what else? This whole pageant is a superficial joke. Maybe he’s hoping to design some hideous “fashion” for some of the ladies. I’m sure he confident in his abilities to judge talent.

Reaction to Bravo’s Project Runway Season 4 finale

o, I was all Team Jillian and she lost! WTF!!! I soooooo hated Christian. He was so f* cocky, but he was fairly decent.