Diggy Simmons: AT&T Commercial, AIRBORNE album release TBD, download “Oh Yeah!”

I’ve had the pleasure of watch Diggy Simmons’ rap career take off virtually from the start. Yet, Diggy continues to remain versatile like the rest of the family. He’s launched an athletic men’s shoe line Chivalrous Culture and starring in one of AT&T’s latest commercials.

Diggy Simmons AIRBORNE launches July 29. Download “Little Monster” FREE!

As I’ve been reporting through my one-on-one interview with Diggy Simmons (read “Blazing New Artist Spotlight: Diggy Simmons”) as well as other announcements, Diggy has been busy working away on his first album since he was signed to Atlantic Records on his 15th birthday. His album “Airborne” is slated to drop on July 29, 2010.

Diggy offers fans “Diggy What? Diggy Who? Freestyle” (free mp3)

Since signing to Atlantic Records, Daniel “Diggy” Simmons, has been a rather busy young man. Between meetings about his shoe line, Chivalrous Culture Sneakers, to meetings about his music, classes, working on his next mixtape, getting featured in XXL Magazine (on stands now; page 26), being a teenager plus daily schooling, his work ethic is to be commended and admired. Let’s not forget him becoming the newest addition to the Violator Management team; yes you read that correctly, Diggy is now managed by, Chris Lighty.

Blazing new artist spotlight: Interview with Diggy

Daniel “Diggy” Simmons is definitely carrying on the Simmons legacy. With a raps that are contagious enough to land over 100,000 downloads of his “The First Flight” mixtape just through from own blog Life of The Jet Setter, a recently announced record deal with Atlantic Records, and a new men’s shoe line called Chivalrous Culture scheduled to debut in August 2010, this 15 year old is a millionaire mogul in the making and possessing the online media savvy to make it happen.

Fresh Music: Diggy Simmons remix of Nas’ “Made You Look” as “Flow Stoopid” (free mp3 download)

Having the internet going nuts last Friday being the first to release a remix to Drake’s “Over” and dropping “Just The Beginning” wasn’t enough for the younger Simmons. Hopping in the studio once again, Diggy Simmons got the “clearance from Nas” and wrecks “Made You Look” and created “Flow Stoopid.” Don’t forget to check out Diggy’s, “The First Flight” mixtape which was dropped in December.