Welcome back Jennifer Hudson! Triumph over tragedy prevails at Super Bowl XLIII

Jennifer Hudson makes fantastic comeback to the public scene singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIII

RIP Julian King, 7 year old son of Julia Hudson (sister of Jennifer Hudson)

Just when we stayed hopeful that the Amber Alert for 7 year old Julian King would end on a positive note after a string of related tragedies over this past weekend, we just learned that the worst has happened.  Julian King was murdered. I just posted that Alter Bridge song “When I’m Gone” and it’s […]

Tragedy hits Jennifer Hudson- mother and brother shot dead at home in Chicago

What terrible news for Jennifer Hudson.  Her career is off the chain right now.  My personal condolences to her as she will certainly be entering one of the most challenging times of her life right now.  And say a prayer for Julian King.  He’s 7 years old and missing right now in connection with the […]