Gs to Gents Reunion show…was it worth the wait?

Confession… I first committed to watching From Gs to Gents after interviewing Mikey P.  To me, this was another reality show for the purposes of fun and entertainment.  My only point of similar reference was Mo’Nique’s Charm School that aired on VH-1 sometime last year.  I recently “found” and “befriended” Saaphyri on myspace, and just […]

From Goon to a Gent- Creepa takes 100 Gs…will he remain changed?

…Or will he get all hood rich?  I hope the former is true.  He’s got lots of people who will be all up in his “grill” now that he has all that loot. The season finale definitely delivered.  Going into the show, I’ve been behind Cee and maybe Shotta, and mostly concerned for Creepa.  Well, […]

Meet up with Gs to Gents Mikey P and Cee at "Ladies and Gents" 8/22/08 in Philly

Calling all Tri State area peeps and anyone willing to take a litte road trip.  Check this party out in Philly at Denim nightclub on August 22nd.  Shoo!  I’d be there, too, if I could swing it and get a little VIP action (hint-hint to whoever reads this and knows how to make stuff like […]