Carmen Carrera responds to transgender degradation on TLC’s ‘Cake Boss’

In the “Cake Boss episode,” which aired on June 11, 2012, Carrera flirts with Cousin Anthony, a womanizing cast member. And later, Buddy Valastro reveals that she is different. The goal is to teach Cousin Anthony to respect women. Unfortunately, the producers had an undisclosed plan.

Mimi Imfurst and her XELLE band mates speak out about ‘Invincible’ and bullying

Back in mid-February 2012, the all girl band XELLE released the single and video for “Invincible,” an inspirational and upbeat dance song that also addresses the serious topic of LGBT bullying…During an interview with the XELLE band members Mimi Imfurst (“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 3), Ronny G, and JC Cassis, we talked about “Invincible,” the use of viewer submitted video to create the music video, and their own experiences/perspectives on bullying.

A-List Dallas’ James Doyle talks about growing up gay, bullying, and coming out

Some of the final words in last night’s episode were those from James Doyle expressing that life hasn’t always been a bottle of liquor, a bed of roses, and upper echelon trust funds…I was reminded that James told me about his experiences growing up gay, being bullied, and coming out to his parents…I think the timing’s right to share this part of the interview now.

Reaction to Glee’s Prom Queen Episode

I’m glad I’ve been so busy lately that I missed out on the spoilers that leaked about the prom episode of “Glee.” Below is an excerpt from an article by Jeanne Sager at The Stir about the May 10, 2011 “Prom Queen” episode of “Glee.”

March 2011: IN THE LIFE “Our Bodies, Our Rights”

LGBT youth who go through the juvenile justice system are likely to encounter discrimination and abuse..Juvenile Injustice features the stories of youth in ill equipped correctional institutions and the advocates who are fighting for change..Policing Gender looks at the consequences young people face for not conforming to gender “appropriate” dress and behavior in school and at home.