What The Buck: Adam Lambert Kisses A Boy & Jennifer Lopez FALLS!!!! 2009 AMAs

Dear Buck (or shall i call you “JerBuck”)…

* Uh, honey, it’s a long “u” sound for Kid Cudi. Sings that song “Day and Night” check it out.
* The girl with the big hat was the guitarist from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour. She had a huge moment in the documentary. Hmmm, wondering if you saw it.
* I’m with you on Rihanna. Outfit was wack. She looked like could hurt me with those spikes in her shoulder pads. Maybe it was a protective move in case someone tried to beat her in the car (i know… that was wrong… ha ha!)

11/9/2009 What The Buck: Taylor Swift- Musical Monologue SNL

Since Buck Hollywood is so random, I guess I’ll collect my random thoughts below from watching this vid. Buck, let me guess that you love Taylor Swift? I’m with you on Rihanna except it being for her upcoming album. I’m also aching for Glee to come back on! …

What the Buck: Katie Price, Speidi, sexy dance, Octomom, and more!

What the Buck: Katie Price, Speidi, sexy dance, Octomom, and more! Michael Buckley, I need to sniff on whatever it is that keeps that hyped, man! I mean, like totally, what the Buck??

10/23/2009 What the Buck episode: Megan Fox Wins Best Hot Dumb B*tch!

I’ve decided to post the latest episodes on Mondays. This week Buck Hollywood talks about Megan Fox, Octomom crush on Jon Gosselin, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Desparate Housewives, and more! …all in like 10 seconds as he does so well.

10/5/2009- What the Buck “Lady Gaga Attacks Madonna on SNL!”

The blooper in the middle is hilarious!!! I agree with Buck Hollywood, I don’t think the SNL skit with Madonna and Lady Gaga was all that, but people are all goo goo over Gaga. LOL! 😆