The Hills series finale falls flat

Be honest. The only people that have kept The Hills afloat after LC and Whitney’s exit was the whole Heidi and Spencer drama. Even adding Kristin Cavallari to come in and show her her vulnerable side as she drooled over recycled too many times old flame Brody Jenner wasn’t enough to keep me into the show. The Hills finale fell completely flat for me, MTV, which may be more of an indication that the show is long past its heyday.

Oh wait! MTV was just kidding. The Hills will roll on for a 6th season.

Just when I was bored out of my mind watching the same round of antics I see every week on MTV’s The Hills, I get to hear that the show must go on. LC will retire as planned and they’re talking about adding Kristen Cavallari (remember her from Laguna Beach?

From Laguna Beach to The Hills to so much more

Check this from the LA Times… The Hills Spin-Offs By Denise Martin, Special to The Times MTV announced that it’s green-lighted “Bromance,” a six-episode series in which a group of guys compete for a chance at being bros with “The Hills” star Brody Jenner.Last week, it was reported that the network was developing a show with Lauren Conrad’s sidekick Whitney […]