Interview with one of Mark Wahlberg’s real life entourage and actor in “The Fighter” Anthony H. Thomas

I had the opportunity to talk to Anthony Thomas last week about “The Fighter,” his nearly lifelong friendship with Mark Wahlberg, and his career accomplishments. After our conversation, I realized that while Thomas has benefited from Wahlberg’s fame, he has not simply ridden Wahlberg’s coattails; rather, he has quite a career resume in his own right and has been grateful for the opportunities he’s landed on his own and through Wahlberg.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sugar Ray Leonard returns to his boxing roots in film “Five Good Years”

Breaking news story of Sugar Ray Leonard and his involvement in the dramatic boxing film “Five Good Years” as an actor and boxing expert. Includes video interview between Ifelicious and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Justin Fortune opens his Hollywood gym to Sugar Ray Leonard

Unpretentious. That’s what I thought as I hauled my bohemian hold-it-all bag full of my journalist gear up to the address given to me for Fortune Gym. It’s a word I don’t get to use often enough in Hollywood, but it also describes Australian native, former heavyweight contender, and owner, Justin Fortune. As I walked inside, everyone was at total exertion as their gloves made contact with punching bags and sparring partners. Home to 6 pro and 3 MMA pro fighters, there was no one dabbing their faces with plush white spa towels as they marveled at themselves in the mirror.

Mike Tyson to film reality show about his love of pigeon-racing…tells The View he’s broke

I pity the fool! Wait…that was Mr. T, LOL. 😆 Seriously, retired boxer (since 2005) Mike Tyson is headed to Animal Planet with a reality TV show about his lifelong love for pigeons and pigeon-racing. “Take on Tyson” is currently scheduled to air in early 2011. I never heard of pigeon racing nor know what it entails, but the formula is perfect for reality TV. Where else will New York City’s most competitive pigeon racers get their 15 minutes of fame with the outside world than on a show like this?