Play Review: ‘Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting’ about Jackie Robinson, baseball and integration

Saturday, January 14, 2012 was the press opening for Ed Schmidt’s play “Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting” directed by J. Nicole Brooks…Mr. Rickey carefully selects leading negro athletes of the time hoping to gain consensus and endorsement of his decision to make Jackie Robinson the first negro to play in the major leagues…I applaud J. Nicole Brooks for bringing a play that tackles race, and it’s not even Black History Month, to Chicago area theater-goers.

Ifelicious Flip Cam Exclusive: Atlanta RnB singer Bobby V talks baseball to Fly on the Wall (video)

Just a few nights ago, I grabbed my flip cam and my baby sister (i needed someone to sip martinis with me after ;-)) then headed to downtown Atlanta to meet up with Bobby V in the studio for an interview…He’s got a new album coming out on March 22, 2010 entitled “Fly on the Wall.”