‘Awkward.’ season 3 interview with breakout star Jillian Rose Reed

I last spoke with Jillian Rose Reed who plays Tamara on MTV’s “Awkward.” back in season 1; and since then, she’s been blowing up Fatty Koo!…I was honored to get Jillian’s attention for a few minutes to talk about things like hair, “Awkward.”, and what she wants for Christmas.

MTV’s ‘Awkward.’ has surprise guest star on season 2’s most riveting episode (interview)

All season long, I’ve been trying to figure out how Jake would learn that the secret identity of his girlfriend Jenna’s ex was his best friend Matty…Guest starring in this season’s most riveting episode yet is young actor

MTV’s ‘Awkward.’ returns for season 2 on June 28…you’re welcome! Meet the cast, watch the trailer

Girl-centric TV shows are all the rage right now…Season 2 of “Awkward.” premieres on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on MTV and will run for 12 episodes.

Interview with Matthew Fahey AKA ‘Ricky Schwartz’ from MTV’s ‘Awkward.’

If you watched the hilarious new scripted series “Awkward.” on MTV, then you most certainly remember “Ricky Schwartz” (Matthew Fahey), the clarinet playing band geek with game…In real life, however, Matthew Fahey is a multi-talented hottie who acts, has his own production company, raps and does photography. Who knew?!

Interview with Jillian Rose Reed AKA ‘Tamara’ on hit MTV show ‘Awkward.’

“Awkward.” is here at 11:00 PM ET/PT on MTV to sober us up with a brilliantly scripted comedy of those glorious high school years filled with hormones, angst…and yes those totally awkward moments…Jenna’s super outgoing bestie, Tamara, is played by Jillian Rose Reed possesses a look and energy that is so teen “Punky Brewster” -esque to me. I interviewed her after the first episode aired