Hundreds pledge not to text and drive at ‘American Idol’ concert in Milwaukee

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” representatives were in Milwaukee on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 for the American Idol LIVE! 2012 concert at Bradley Center…By intermission, there were hundreds of signatures on the pledge wall. With over 100,000 car accidents a year related to texting and driving, if everyone who signs the pledge also honors it, we can virtually eliminate car accidents of this kind!

‘It Can Wait’ no texting and driving campaign teams up with American Idol LIVE! 2012 tour

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” public awareness campaign is working hard to reach people like myself to pledge never to text and drive. They’ve been on the road with the American Idol LIVE! 2012 nationwide tour, showcasing season 11’s top 10 finalists, spreading the word about the risks of texting and driving

Women in hip hop. Interview with MC Lyte. (

MC Lyte first gained noteriety as a hip hop artist back in the 80s and 90s delivering hit tunes such as “Ruffneck” and “I Am The Lyte.” Since then, MC Lyte has gone on to coach Shar Jackson (“Moesha”) to a win over Kendra Wilkinson (“The Girls Next Door”) on MTV’s “Celebrity Rap Superstar,” played Kai on hit tv show “Half & Half,” and you’ll even find some of her valuables in the Smithsonian Museum.