Hip hop artist Ill Poetic’s entire discography is FREE

In celebration of his forthcoming …”The Silhouette Project,” due to drop in April 2016, hip hop artist/producer Ill Poetic is releasing his ENTIRE discography for FREE!

The cool kids like me got the ‘accidental’ email from James Blunt leaking new single ‘Bonfire Heart’

I was perplexed when I got a personalized email from James Blunt with a link to his new single “Bonfire Heart”…There were mixed reports as to whether or not this mass mailing was clever marketing maneuver or an honest mistake…

The Comeback Kid: In depth interview with Columbus, Ohio rapper Illogic

Interview with rapper Illogic from Columbus, Ohio who is returning to hip hop after hiatus with new album “Diabolical Fun”

Girly song list

My gal pal here in C’bus was soliciting songs for a girly cd. I think she only wanted a few suggestions but so many songs came to mind. Here’s the list of what I sent.