We Die Young: Former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr dead at 44

Former bassist for Alice In Chains, Mike Starr was found dead in his Salt Lake City, Utah home earlier today at the age of 44. The cause of death is unknown at this time.

Jason Wahler and Leif Garrett take shots at Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Cast mates Jason Wahler and Leif Garrett from VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” that aired its season 4 finale on January 12, 2011 have been talking to the press lately about their experiences on the show. Jason claims that the show’s producers wanted him to drink, and Leif says that the show’s producers pressured him to use drugs.

PopEater talks to Dr. Drew who says he’d need a year to help Lindsay Lohan, no tolerance with own kids

Pinsky dialed in with PopEater for a quick chat and discussed his plan for the new show, why he’s “confused” when critics say he’s exploiting star addicts and why he has little desire to treat “very difficult” Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. Also, note to his teenage kids: Your dad will call the cops if you drink and drive. So, you know, don’t.

Lindsay Lohan has celebrated her 100th day sober

Lindsay Lohan celebrates 100 days of soberiety. The ‘Machete’ actress Lindsay Lohan – who is currently undergoing an extended stay in the Betty Ford rehabilitation facility in Malibu – has been doing well enough in recovery to be allowed to drive again and take day trips.

Michael Lohan to open rehab center in California

Michael Lohan claims he is set to open up his own drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Lohan, the father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, says he is still deciding on a location for the center.