Joslyn Pennywell

About Joslyn Pennywell

Joslyn Pennywell is a 24 year old from the quaint village of Lucky, Louisiana. Currently, she is residing in Sherman Oaks, CA pursuing her modeling, acting, & hosting career. She is a top 7 former contestant on the hit CW television show “America’s Next Top Model 11.” She is a model/actress/host with aspirations and goals, and a Grambling State University Graduate in Business Management. She has worked in the modeling and acting field for over 6 years, and has toured the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas modeling couture clothing. Joslyn is also the former Miss US 2006-2007. Joslyn’s motto is “Never Give Up” because she strongly believes that all things are possible through Christ.

Former show contestant Joslyn Pennywell offers 5 auditioning tips for ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Many models inquire about ways to get onto the popular hit TV show “America’s Next Top Model.” Now, I can’t personally get you on the show, but I can give you tips on my experience in the casting process and what I’ve learned. Being the girl that has tried out over 33 times, I feel I have learned a lot about the auditioning process and I’d like to pass on to you.