Nailed It: ‘DJ White Shadow vs Pac-Man’ is musical aesthetic behind Bud Light’s genius Super Bowl ad

Pac Man Super Bowl Bud Light DJ White Shadow

There are few sounds capable evoking more nostalgic grins and high score wet dreams than the Pac-Man™ jingle. Bud Light nailed it when they enlisted DJ White Shadow (Twitter: @DJWS) to provide the musical aesthetic to their #UpForWhatever Super Bowl ad with the song “DJ White Shadow vs. Pac-Man™.” Genius! It was hands down one of the best commercials of Super Bowl XLIX (2015… thank God they’re going to use regular numbers next year) and typified one of the two main types of commercials we saw- sappy or retro.

The visual of the life size Pac-Man™ maze was equaled by the trippy, club remix of the Pac-Man™ jingle which left anyone alive in the 80s recalling when Pac-Man™’s thumb was a thing and hipsters wishing they could hop in the maze with Riley Smith and take an epic #ThrowbackThursday selfie. Bud Light Spokesperson Nice Kelly told People, “You may never have even played [Pac-Man™], but everyone knows what it is.” The article continues,”And now their vision is suddenly in-demand.  Since the commercial aired, Kelly says he hears the same thing over and over from friends and colleagues: ‘I just really want to run that maze.'”

If you’re itching to find the song, then let me be your calamine lotion (bwahahaha! i crack myself up! 🙄 ). Take a listen to “DJ White Shadow vs Pac-Man™” below on SoundCloud (also on Spotify), and download it on iTunes and Amazon.

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Watch the Bud Light Super Bowl XLIX (so glad they’re going use regular numbers for year 50) #UpForWhatever again. If you pay attention, you’ll seen when DJ White Shadow makes a cameo.

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  1. This was pretty cool. Pacman is a classic
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  2. i thought so, too

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