My fantasy picks from ‘Real World: Portland’ to compete on ‘The Challenge’

Real World Portland MTV

The Real World Portland Cast. photo credit: Ian Spanier

First of all, I know MTV’s “The Challenge: Rivals II” has already filmed, cast revealed, and we’ll be watching beginning July 10, 2013. I just wanted to pause and write this blog post since “The Real World: Portland” just ended, and I have my own thoughts on who I’d like to see on future Challenges. By golly, it’s virtually the only reason I struggle through seasons of “The Real World” even though the series would qualify for hospice care at this point.

So, I decided to create a fantasy team of girls and guys from the Portland cast. At the end, you’ll see who didn’t make the cut on my fantasy team and why.

Ladies first… 😉

Girls from Real World: Portland

Real Worl Portland MTV Challenge Nia Moore Jessica McCain Averey Tressler

Ifelicious’s Fantasy MTV Challenge Team from Real World: Portland Cast. GIRL Contenders – (L-R) Averey Tressler, Jessica McCain, Nia Moore. graphic by Ifelicious

For the girls, Nia Moore and Averey Tressler could be fierce. I’d toss in Jessica McCain just because I think her southern belle, pageant girl (not sure if she did them but i wouldn’t be surprised) ways would be fun in the especially hard challenges. Plus, you know she’d be pending marriage in the first episode to the first guy who paid her any attention…probably Wes, lmao!!!

Guys from Real World: Portland

Real Worl Portland MTV Challenge Johnny Reilly Marlon Williams Jordan Wiseley

Ifelicious’s Fantasy MTV Challenge Team from Real World: Portland Cast. GUY Contenders – (L-R) Johnny Reilly, Marlon Williams, Jordan Wiseley. graphic by Ifelicious

If I only had to pick one guy, it would be Jordan Wisely since his reason for living is to compete, overcompensate for his hand defect, and always be right. Johnny Reilly would be fun only if he’s still dating Averey so that I could watch the other Challenge cast members plot how to get at least one of them to go home which would probably end their relationship as they’re torn by cash versus love. I’d pick Marlon on a challenge if he ends up being a good competitor and also goes through a series of Challenge hookups followed by confessionals where he’s repenting to Jesus. So, ultimately, all of the guys in some way from the “Real World: Portland” would work on a future Challenge.

Didn’t Make the Cut

Anastasia Miller didn’t make my fantasy team because I’m so over her whining about how everything is unfair and how people should get along. I know she means well, but she needs some actual “real world” experience to shed those rose colored glasses.


We didn’t even get to know Joi Niemeyer because she bailed after like the second episode. Doing a season of the Real World is a cake walk compared to her decision to pose nude for Playboy. In my mind, she’s disqualified forever.

Who from the “Real World: Portland” cast would you choose for your own fantasy Challenge team?

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UPDATE June 21, 2013: I just created a really comprehensive blog post about the cast for “The Challenge: Rivals II.” Check it out!

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  1. Nia should have definitely been on this season of the Challenge! Her attitude alone would have made her very entertaining to watch in the house, but I deem her as lazy and acting like she’s above all. So maybe she wouldn’t have been good in the actual challenges, and with that attitude I’m sure people would have wanted her to go home.

    I also agree with you with eliminating Anastasia, she’s annoying lol, and yet she made it on this Challenge! Ughh! Her and frank need to gooo!

  2. LaLa- thanks for commenting. i hope we get to see Nia on a future Challenge. you make a good point. she probably would use her excuse of being above everybody and how she’s writing a book (lol!) as a reason not to participate in a competition and they would be gunning for her to go home. wonder how she’d get along with the guys and the girls in the house.

    i wonder if Anastasia will be as annoying as Frank. they’ll be gunning for her and Jessica since they’re new to the Challenge unless they win the first few.

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