EXCLUSIVE Interview with ‘Idol’ season 11 finalist DeAndre Brackensick (video)

American Idol DeAndre Brackensick Ifelicious Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE. Dec 22, 2012. DeAndre Brackensick (‘American Idol’ Season 11). photo credit: Ifelicious.com

Hey DreDreamers!!!

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ll remember that one of my favorite performances from the “American Idol” season 11 tour was DeAndre Brackensick‘s rendition of “Master Blaster (Jammin’)” that he also rocked on Stevie Wonder night during season 11.  I was super hype when I ran into DeAndre trying to be inconspicuous at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee before the One Heartland “A Holiday in the Heartland” concert.  Naturally, I wanted to know what brought him to Milwaukee, in a snowstorm, when he lives in San Jose, CA.  It turns out that he’d been spending some time in Milwaukee recording music and came out that night to support fellow “Idol” alum and friend Naima Adedapo (season 10).  During the concert, Naima surprised us all by bring DeAndre onstage to perform a duet of “Jingle Bell Rock.”

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DeAndre graciously agreed to AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!  I met him on a frigid Saturday afternoon at the recording studio where he’d be working for an on camera interview. In the video interview, DeAndre:

  1. Answers fan questions submitted via Twitter from @withlove_KayKay and @DeAndresCurls,
  2. Reflects on the “American Idol” season 11 tour,
  3. Updates me on his current music pursuits,
  4. Lets me know if he’s still dating fellow season 11 “Idol” finalist Jessica Sanchez,
  5. Discusses the new judge lineup for season 12, and
  6. Offers advice to season 12 contestants.

See below… (click here to view directly on youtube)

Thanks to DeAndre and his management team for making this interview happen on such short notice and to you fans who sent in questions.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted as I learn more about DeAndre’s musical pursuits and whatever else may lie ahead for him.  I always thought that he had the perfect look to be on a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon program.

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  1. How awesome that you not only got to meet . . . you also got the opportunity to interview . . . DeAndre. I on’t watch American Idol however, I still enjoyed the interview. I wish him well in his future endeavors.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Remember Her Name: Ka’Sandra Wade

  2. Don’t be fooled by Deandre,he may come across as a nice guy in front of the camera but he is really horrible to some of his fans off-camera. Don’t be fooled by him like I did.

  3. Patricia- all i can say is in my experience DeAndre was great. even how i got this interview on the spur of the moment speaks positively about his character. i’m sorry you had a bad experience.

  4. Patricia, I don’t know your experience and you are certainly entitled to your opinion since I didn’t experience what you experienced. But I will say while I don’t know this young man personally, I have over the course of the year read all sorts of fan accounts of people meeting him both while he was on idol, on tour, and afterwards and yours is honestly the first negative response I’ve seen. The majority of people that have met him have actually gone the opposite way of praising how nice and open he was and how he took his time with fans. That said, every person in the public eye is going to have somebody report back a negative experience at some point in their career. No person is going to please every fan. These people are human and in DeAndre’s case, he’s also still a teenager. It’s possible you just caught him at a bad moment.

  5. Patricia, I have met DeAndre on multiple occasions and can say, I have never met a Nicer young man in my life, famous or not. Every time I’ve been around him, he has gone out of his way to meet the fans, take pictures with them, and sign autographs. He always tries to make sure every fan is taken care of. He even had security yelling at him on numerous occasions for staying longer after the American Idol Tour shows, because He wanted to meet every last fan. And his personality… someone who is as sweet and kind as he is rare.

    Maybe your experience was not of DeAndre’s doing, but of his security team or someone he was with. Unfortunately, as hard as he tries to do everything he can for his fans, he can’t control every situation. Honestly, you are the First person I have ever seen or heard say something negative about this refreshingly considerate young man. I hope you have another opportunity to meet DeAndre and change your view.

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