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Mark Long MTV The Challenge Battle of the Exes Pocket Protein

Mark Long’s cast photo for MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes.” photo credit: MTV

The shirtless, chiseled hottie in the picture above is of reality star and TV personality Mark Long when he competed on MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” at the beginning of this year (2012).  At 40 “and a smidge,” his physique alone is enough to make guys half his age insecure and any girl swoon at the sight of him. Recognizing that protein is an important component of everyone’s diet and how difficult it can be to meet our daily requirement, Mark assembled a team of nutrition experts to develop a small, portable liquid protein supplement.  Pocket Protein (see website, Facebook, and Twitter pages) comes in a tiny 2 ounce bottle that is lactose free, fat free, gluten free, carb free, caffeine free, and sugar free.  It doesn’t require refrigeration making it easy to store in your car, purse, desk at work, gym bag, anywhere.  The liquid protein supplement comes in 2 flavors and formulations targeted for men (“Berry Boom!!!” with 20 grams of protein) and women (“Sneaky Strawberry!!!” with 15 grams of protein).

Pocket Protein foil pack Mark Long

Pocket Protein

Available for purchase on and, Pocket Protein uses “whey isolate…known to be the highest quality and best absorbed protein in the world” (source:  The formula also includes collagen which helps promote healthy skin.  Paired with a snack, Pocket Protein gives you the needed protein, and is only 60 calories.

Pocket Protein has recently added pro golfer, Camilo Villegas, and future Hall of Fame NBA coach, Glenn “Doc” Rivers, as equity partners in the company. Camilo and Doc are excited to be involved with Pocket Protein as they strive to attack hunger and malnutrition both within the United States and worldwide.

A long time fan of Mark and a health conscious gal myself, I reached out to him for an interview about his new product.  Always keeping my readers in mind, I’ve arranged for 2 of you to win a 10-pack case of Pocket Protein for FREE!!! You can keep it for yourself or offer it to someone as a holiday gift.  See the section, “WIN A FREE CASE OF POCKET PROTEIN” further down in this article for details on how to enter.


Here’s my interview with Mark Long about Pocket Protein.  I also conducted an interview with him for my Examiner Women’s Issues column about Pocket Protein.  Check out my article/interview over there as well, especially my lady readers looking to understand more about the importance of protein in your diet.

Ifelicious: Why did you decide to develop a protein supplement over any other type of health/fitness related product?

ML: I have been approached for years to back other people’s products etc. I always knew that I wanted to do something on my own so I have always declined those offers. Also, with the recent negative reports regarding “energy drinks/shots,” I knew that I wanted to steer clear of that arena and create the perfect, universal, heart-healthy shot would be for EVERYONE/ANYTIME.

Ifelicious: How did you acquire the right team to help you make Pocket Protein become a reality?

ML: I have 3 partners- Mike Kauffman, Dr. Lyttleton Stewart, and Dr. Gio Valiante. We all graduated together from the University of Florida roughly 20 years ago. We were talking one day and realized that there are fats, carbs, and protein. Basically, 2 bad guys and one good guy. However, every time you leave your house it’s the PROTEIN (the good guy) that is the hardest to come by. Not everyone has the time to pull into a Chili’s and order a chicken sandwich. So we thought why not create the “perfect shot” for everyone (all ages and gender).

Ifelicious: Why should I buy Pocket Protein over any other protein “shots” to go?

ML: We wanted to reach people on a UNIVERSAL level. We didn’t want to make Pocket Protein a fitness product (although it’s great to take right after exercise)…We wanted it to be the perfect size (2 ounces), have the perfect name, and have the perfect message that could be understood by all. Not everyone is a body builder and needs 48 grams of protein in a test tube. We wanted to supply a product for the “everyday” man or woman. Whether you are a soccer mom on the go, a business person with a hectic schedule, or just someone that has trouble finding time to get your protein, we want to reach you. Additionally, we think a 2 ounce, great tasting protein shot that requires NO REFRIGERATION is the perfect answer.

Ifelicious: Do you plan to get any product placement on future seasons of ‘The Challenge’ on MTV? Have any ‘Challenge’ participants, past or present, started using Pocket Protein?

I have sent some out to a lot of cast members and have gotten great feedback. I just recently reached out to Bunim/Murray (MTV) about donating some Pocket Protein for the next Challenge. Trust me, I have been on set for hours away from the fridge, microwave, etc and would have loved to have these during Challenge days. They would have been a life saver.

Ifelicious: You have maintained an amazing physique. What’s your secret?

ML: I have always incorporated exercise and proper diet to my lifestyle. Another amazing thing that separates Pocket Protein from the pack is every bottle has a blend of COLLAGEN PROTEIN, which is scientifically proven to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and keep your skin younger. I use to take collagen pills as my secret to staying young, and now having it in every bottle is truly like dipping in to the fountain of youth with each shot.

A special thank you Dr. Lyttleton Stewart who also provided input for this interview.

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2 lucky readers have the opportunity to win a FREE 10-pack case of Pocket Protein.  You can enter via this blog post and/or Twitter.

*** This contest ends on Friday, December 7, 2012 at MIDNIGHT Pacific Standard Time/3:00 AM EST. ***

Enter via this blog post…

Place a comment on this blog post that answers ONE of the following questions:

Why do you want to try Pocket Protein?


When is the most difficult time for you to find a healthy source of protein in your day?

You may enter as many times as you wish, but your comment must be unique.  Your comment must contain a valid email address so that I can contact you if you win.  Your email address does is not made public, and I will not use it for any other purpose outside of this contest.

Enter via Twitter…

Tweet the following exactly as it appears below:

@Ifelicious is offering a free case of @PocketProtein on get protein, stay full, be healthy #contest

You may tweet the statement as often as you wish to increase your odds of winning.




Thanks to all of you who submitted entries!

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For more information about Pocket protein, including endorsements and promotions, visit, “like” Pocket Protein’s page on Facebook, and follow @PocketProtein on Twitter.  You can keep up with Mark Long by following @TheMarkLong on Twitter.

More to be posted soon about Mark Long’s future on the MTV Challenges and where else you can find him on TV.

YouTube Video: Oldie But Goodie…

Interviews with Mark Long (host and organizer for the Reality Bash), Chet Cannon (RW Brooklyn), Ruthie Alcaide (RW Hawaii), Will Gilbert (RW Hollywood) and Nehemiah Clark (RW Austin), and Saaphyri Windsor (Flavor of Love 2, Charm School- Winner, I Love Money 2).

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  1. Morgan MacAdam says:

    I want to try Pocket Protein because I am currently trying to work on getting back into shape! I would like nothing more than to stay full longer! Please pick me!

  2. I would like to try this because I get bored eating the same protein based things all the time.
    runinboise´s last blog post ..At First…

  3. Karen McCann says:

    I am a true soccer mom and when I am not running my kids to travel practices, coaching their Rec games, I am playing myself! Games at 8/9/10 pm don’t always lend to healthy eating areas of time so pocket protein sounds like a great solution!

  4. I find it hardest to work lean, healthy proteins into my work day. I work 10-12 hour days in meetings and on phone/conference calls. Not real grilled chicken friendly! I suffer from low Leptin hardly experience satiation after any meal which has led to the weight roller coaster. I’ve been to many a dietitian and they all say the same thing, “UP YOUR PROTEIN!”.

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