EXCLUSIVE!!! ‘Big Rich Texas’ star Pam Duarte steals writing credit and profit for ‘Hard Whispers 2’

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Where there’s smoke there’s fire and the Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas” cast member Pamela (aka “Pam” and alleged cyber-bully “JS Rothchild”) Martin Duarte is the kindle.  Pam’s anxious to show off her assumed writing and marketing prowess for the political thriller novel “Hard Whispers 2,” with the help of her new elite chick clique The Fashionistas, during episode 6 of “Big Rich Texas.”  In juxtaposition, fellow cast member/nemesis Dr. Bon Blossman also hosts a book signing party to kick off her newest murder mystery series “Fiona Frost.”  Well, it seems that big rich Pam has taken advantage of an up and coming writer named Carl Henegan by trying to pass off “Hard Whispers 2” as her own work and swindle all of the proceeds.  I spoke to Carl today and also reviewed proof via emails and manuscripts that Pam is not the father…I mean not the author behind “Hard Whispers 2” and essentially the debut novel as well.

Hard Whispers Pam Pamela Martin Duarte Carl Henegan Big Rich Texas

Unless you actually purchased “Hard Whispers,” (available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Google Books) you probably don’t know that it was co-authored by Carl Henegan.  This is what Carl told me about his first meeting with Pam:

“I write…suspense thrillers.  My first book was ‘Yesterday’s Darkness‘ that I self published and was promoting…During the time of the social network promotions, I bumped into Pam…It was mainly to introduce my book to her, and then she contacted me back…She talked about the idea of writing a book about the government basically poisoning part of the lower income population in order to decrease the numbers to make the economy better.  That was the extent of it, and I just took that and came up with the title, the characters, and just wrote the whole book ‘Hard Whispers’.”

VIDEO promo for “Hard Whispers”
(click here to watch directly on YouTube…it only has 114 views so that should tell you a lot about how that book is doing)

For the first book, the two had a contractual arrangement to split the sales profit equally; however, when the book wasn’t selling as Pam anticipated, Carl didn’t receive any payment.  Hoping to boost the sales of their first novel, Pam approached Carl again about writing a sequel.  According to Carl:

“After that didn’t turn out, she was pushing me to write the sequel.  I said, ‘OK, that’s fine,’ and I said, ‘but listen, how about I just let you pay me off for the first book, and then that will give me the funds…to write the second book…She said, ‘Oh ya, that’s fine.’  She paid me off for the first book, and I took the nine months to write the sequel, and then we were kind of tossing around ideas, but as far as the actual writing, I was writing it, and then I would send her four of five chapters at a time.  She would read it [and give feedback].”

Unlike the first book, the two had not forged a written agreement for the terms of writing the second book, and Carl went on big rich Pam’s good word.  To Carl’s dismay, upon dedicating nearly a year to write “Hard Whispers 2,” Pam decided to hold on releasing it citing that she was still trying to recoup the money she lost from “writing” her first book.

Where there’s smoke there’s also mirrors, especially when it comes to reality TV.  The way episode 6 was presented, we are led to believe that “Hard Whispers 2” had already been released to the public.  After all, Pam hosted a book signing party with actual copies of the books.  The book, however, is not yet available.  In Pam’s interviews with the press, she mentions that “Hard Whispers 2” is slated for release this summer.  “I have a sequel to ‘Hard Whispers’ (my novel…) that will be coming out this summer,” Pam said in an interview with Cinderella’s Glass Closet.

Carl hasn’t seen episode 6 of “Big Rich Texas” and only found out about the plans for the book’s release as the result of an email accidentally sent to him by the publisher.  This round, Pam is taking full credit as the sole author, although she did not write any part of “Hard Whispers 2,” and Carl will not be compensated unless Pam has a change of heart or he explores his legal rights.

Rich or poor, famous or obscure, people will be people.  I hope by breaking this story that more will be written in support of Carl Henegan and ultimately result in a mutual, fair agreement between Carl and Pam Duarte before “Hard Whispers 2” is officially released.

If you attended Pam’s book signing party that we saw on the show and actually have a signed copy of her book, I would love to hear from you.  Just leave me a comment or head over to my “CONTACT page and send me a message.

Carl Henegan Yesterday's Darkness book cover

In the meantime, let’s support Carl Henegan by purchasing his debut suspense thrillerYesterday’s Darkness.”  At the time of his post, his website is being revamped (www.carlhenegan.comupdate Apr 1, 2012 site is back up), but you can reach him on Twitter @CarlHenegan.

Stay tuned to Ifelicious Thoughts (ifelicious.com) for more as this story develops.

Read all of my blog posts about “Big Rich Texas” – CLICK HERE (includes several cast interviews).

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  1. Merritt Patterson says:

    You’re SO getting one of Pam’s f-bomb emails with oddly placed caps. http://frontrow.dmagazine.com/2011/07/big-rich-texas-episode-1-recap/

  2. I am so confused by this article! I am also suspicious of an article when the first paragraph contains spelling errors. The correct spelling is “clique”.

    How is it that Ms. Martin can control publishing and release dates, etc…if she had nothing to do with book 2? Why would he give her such authority for book 2 if he already asked to be bought out with book 1? Why would she pay him if the book didn’t sell? If they had a contractual agreement, and the book didn’t sell, why would he expect anything? Who owns the rights to the title?

    This all is very confusing and doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe its me, but I think I need more clarification to understand. Then again, I am not in the book biz, so what do I know?

    I do think accusing some one of “stealing” is defamatory and libelous….. you might want to throw an “allegedly” up there in the title! #justsayin

  3. sweetnessnbubba says:

    I looked up the publisher to find out how the cowriting credits could be dropped that way.. the publisher is Live Oak Press, which is a Print on Demand, self publishing firm.. Unlike a traditional publishing house, for example Random House, all this firm cares about is who pays for their print run of books and for the digital copies used for Kindle, etc.. They do not do advances, or even have a large legal dept that worries payouts, authors credits, these outfits dont even do copy line editing unless its paid for by the authors as an extra.. So yeah, it wouldnt be hard for Pam to fool this guy out of his end of the agreement, unless he is willing to sue over it, because the publisher wouldnt…

  4. sweetnessnbubba- what a great, informative comment! thanks for doing some more research and sharing your knowledge with me and anyone reading this. i’m staying optimistic that things will work out between Carl and Pam before the books officially start circulating.

  5. If Pam did fool him out of his due on the first book, why would he write another book for her?? Without an agreement???? That she could “release” without his knowledge or consent??? It doesn’t make sense.
    MomsThoughts´s last blog post ..MomsThoughts: OMG me too!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @BravoAlissa: @MomsThoughts I wanna get in a sauna so bad right now! #LoveItLikeYouDo

  6. sweetnessnbubba says:

    mom, thats not exactly what he said, realize that in self publishing OFTEN the costs of setting up the printing, etc, make it to where you dont make any money.. There is no publishing house that gives an advance and takes the risk of not selling enough to make expenses… So he was probably quite happy if she paid him a nominal sum for the rest of the first book, so he could spend some time writing the second…

    These publishing houses will publish ANYTHING, if you are willing to pay. This is not like sending your manuscript into a publisher, having them like it, help you polish it up, and then do some promoting of you and your book… Your pretty much on your own.. there are people who make money at it, and some bigger authors have started going this route, when they were dropped from contracts because publishers didnt think their latest was “commercial” enough..

    Newbie authors are often so desperate to get their name and work out there, that they are easy prey to shoddy business models. and crappy contracts. or even just trusting in a handshake.. There are websites like “Writer Beware” that try their best to help new authors avoid the pitfalls, but often people are so desperate, that they ignore very good advice..

  7. I know all this. I know several people who have self published. Still doesn’t answer why he would enter in to book two if he got screwed on book one? And if he was smart enough to have an agreement for book one, why would he not have an agreement for book 2? It doesn’t add up to me….

  8. Moms, this is your Ryan! There’s something you need to know about Pam. She is probably the worst human beings I’ve ever run across in my life. I don’t want to go into it much for fear of being called “a bully” by her. She overuses that term so I don’t want to give fuel to her fire. She is very capable of this and everyone reputable in Dallas knows this.
    Sociopath comes to mind when I think of her.
    I have first hand been bullied by her, in person and on the internet.
    Once this season is over I will be able to talk more freely about it. Unfortunately, as of right now that is not exactly kosher. LOL!

  9. It’s about time people start coming forward and telling the truth about Pam. This is a great article and after reading I felt so bad for Carl Henegan I ordered his first book. Keep up the great work!

  10. sweetnessnbubba says:

    mom, let me give you a real money scenario.. say the print run cost 10,000 dollars, Pam pays this. so she feels she doesnt need to share money with him till the book makes 10k and then it kicks in.. Say by the time of the discussion of the second book she had almost or just started to make over 10k.. the other author has seen no money yet, but Pam offers him another 10k to buy out any future proceeds of the 1st book, so he has money to work on second book.. Pam hopes that the second book, which will be featured on air, will also help to drive sales of 1st book..

    Now the co author is pretty happy so far, he has 10k from first book, and thinks that the second book will sell even better.. Since he is happy with his first deal with Pam, he decides to go with the second deal on a gentlemens agreement (while I agree this is stupid, let me tell you the courts are full of people who have made similiar trust agreements)…

    Now he could likely win in court, but unless those books hit bestseller status, its just not worth taking it to court, he would likely spend more litigating it, than he would win.. unless he could get a lawyer to take the case on a percentage basis..

    Now I dont know whether Pam screwed this guy over or not, the fact IS, there was a coauthor, who is not getting credit on the second book (and if this guy really did write the book, its not that hard to prove that he did bulk of writing)..

  11. Hard Whispers 2 may be written, but it isn’t published. How can there have been a book release party when there is NO book to release? Surely the producers couldn’t have been sill enough not to know this information is just a mouse click away? Maybe the plan was to make Pam look stupid? She sure does enough of that herself. I’ll tell you what though, if there is a season 3 and she is on it, Style will lose a viewer because she is the laughing stock of Dallas right now.

  12. guys, its very easy.. please google this pamela person.. click on her luxury council website, where you can find a link to the books.. which clearly shows the author.. I don’t think she is even trying to hide it..

  13. sam- it’s not that easy. did you watch last sunday’s (mar 24) episode? besides, that site has no specific reference to her sequel vs. the initial book, and who knows when that was last updated?

    sweetnessbubba- thanks for your continued and substantiated comments.

    Joey- i was wondering that, too. they are still taping, so this story may very well be addressed with all of the rest of Pam’s drama before the season is out. maybe Carl will even get a little cameo on the show. i can’t blame you for being tired of it all, but i’m addicted to the BRT drama so i’ll be watching anyway. 😉

  14. ifelicious:
    For a fact I know they are still filming, but not scenes. Only interviews. There is no chance that the author of the book will be on the show. Not this season at least. If they can’t take her down this season, we can pray for a third.
    She’ll get what she deserves.

  15. thanks, Joey 😉

  16. I too wonder about this “stealing” claim. I know I wouldn’t be writing a second book, especially without a written agreement, if Pam had tried to get out of paying me for book#1. That said, Pam seems like a self-absorbed winch on the show.

  17. Former Neighbor says:

    I very highly doubt Pam needs to steal anything. She’s a class act and the show tries to portray her in a negative light. Good luck with your book, Pamela!

  18. She is self-absorbed and a sociopath. Leslie’s husband died in a tragic drowning accident and she asked him “what happened, did you hold his head under water?”.
    Absolutely tragic and awful. I can’t stress enough how disgusting she is.

  19. sam types like pam says:

    Sam.. types.. like Pam.. funny..

  20. OMG……how obvious is it that “moms thoughts” is Pamela Martin herself????? You write like you speak…. “doesn’t add up”, I’ve heard Pam use that line every episode. I could go on, but Pam, you really are too stupid!

  21. GeordieKin says:

    I tried the Authors page and the message “This site has stepped out…” comes up. I’ll try again soon, and I hope he is able to resolve the book issue to his benefit. I for one would love to see Pam pay a good price for her jackassery.

  22. Judgement was rendered by Hon. Carl Ginsberg in Dallas courts against defendant Carl Allen Henegan on December 18, 2013 in the amount of Two Hundred Thousand and 11/100 Dollars ($200,000.00) in damages, plus court costs. Prejudgement interest on the actual damages was awarded to Pamela Martin at the rate of five percent (5%) per annum from the date the suit was instituted until the date of the judgement, December 18, 2013. Post judgement interest was awarded at the interest rate of (5%) per annum, from the date of the judgement until the judgement is paid in full.

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