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photo still from Shit Girls Say episode 1 video

I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz lately about the web series “Shit Girls Say” (follow their Twitter account) and copycat offspring birthed from the loins of classic comedy about gender, culture, and sexuality.  My currently favorite comedian Daniel Tosh is infamous for soliciting viewer submissions about particular stereotypes or taking jabs at them himself on his popular Comedy Central show “Tosh.0” like during his “Is it racist?” segments.

When I started this blog, one of the earliest things I blogged about was “Stuff People Like Phenomenon” which were collections of written lists that played to a particular stereotype spawned by “Stuff White People Like.”  To this day, I can’t stop laughing when I see a white person wearing one of those The North Face fleeces thanks to that list.

This morning, I finally sat down to watch a few, and there are some good ones out there.  Here’s the ones that I’ve seen so far.  If you see any good ones, leave a link to them in a comment.  I will continue to add them here so check back and see if there’s anything new that I’ve put online.

Shit Girls Say (episode 1)

Shit Boys Say

Shit Black Guys Say

Shit Southern Gays Say

Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls

Shit Latina Girls Say

Shit Jamaican Guys Say

Shit Real Housewives Say

Shit Nobody Says

Shit Yogis Say

Shit Vegans Say

Shit Girls Say to Lesbians

Shit Straight Guys to Gay Guys

Shit Sighted People Say to Blind People

Shit People Say to Arabs

Shit People Say to Natural Hair Girls

Shit WeHo Queens Say

Shit Black Gays Say

Shit__Fill in the Blank__Say (funny satire about this whole phenom. thanks, Dennis Bover!)

Oh the Canadians… Gotta thank co-creators behind “Shit Girls Say” Graydon Sheppard and his partner Kyle Humphrey for having us laugh all over again at the things that make us unique yet so predictable.  😉

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  1. I have been watching a few of these videos and there are more than I thought. . . WOW. . . I found the &*#@ Black Girls Say to be funny. And the one from Kid Fury on Gays. Someone posted them on Facebook.

  2. Dennis Bover says:

    I made a satire of all of these copycat videos, if you’re also overwhelmed by them, feel free to find mine here:

  3. Dennis- Funny! and so true. I do think you summed them all up in one video. 🙂 Added yours to the end of my blog post. Maybe it really will be the last.

  4. Don’t forget ‘Shit Alcoholics Say’. It has a twist-ending!


  1. […] there, “girly” things to say spawned a number of notable derivatives. It’s not just one type of person imitating another, it’s a varied mix – proof that there’s […]

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