OVERHEARD: Style Network’s ‘Big Rich Texas’ filming season 2 to air Feb 2012

Style Network Big Rich Texas

Since y’all seemed to love my interview with the Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas” Dr. Bon Blossman and Whitney Whatley, I wanted to let you know that there is definitely a season 2 being recorded as we speak and should air in February 2012.

I got the following from Dr. Bon Blossman’s Facebook page confirming a season 2:

And I got the following info from Dr. Bon Blossman’s Twitter feed about it likely being another round of 10 episodes:

The Oh So Cynthia blog has a really good writeup about “Big Rich Texas” season 2 filming as well as a mention about new cast members.

Will Pam finally find out if Leslie has the millions she claims to have? Will Kayln finally win a crown…and Leslie’s love? Are Connie’s ex-husband and Leslie going to hook up? Can Melissa become a success in the modeling world again? Will Pam and Bonnie ever kiss and make up or are they destined to be mortal enemies?…

…Word has it that a new cast member and her two daughters will be joining Pam, Connie, Bonnie, Leslie and Melissa…I don’t have all the details on the new additions to the cast, but here’s what I do know…

As soon as I see an official press release from Style Network, I’ll be sure to post it.

Who are your favorite cast members?

Are you excited about season 2?

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  1. Leslie is a complete fraud. Age 54, 2 facelifts, she had an affair with one her sons teenage friends, demolishing he marriage and family. She owns one bedroom condo and 50% of another in greater Seattle and a home in Riverside -all totals $400,000. She is a liar and a manipulative bitch who uses people.

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