Logo’s ‘A-List: New York’ Reichen and Rodiney among cast on new VH1 series ‘Couples Therapy’ with Dr. Jenn Berman

Dr. Jenn Berman (L); top (L-R) DMX and Tashera Simmons, Charlie Hill and Linda Hogan, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl; bottom (L-R) Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Nirschel, Reichen Lehmkuhl and Rodiney Santiago

The buzz has been going for several weeks now, but VH1 has officially confirmed an all new series called “Couples Therapy” scheduled to air in the spring of 2012.  Dr. Jenn Berman will counsel the celebrity couples as they determine if their relationships can be saved.  The cast is busily filming as I type and includes Logo’s “The A-List: New YorkReichen Lehmkuhl and Rodiney Santiago.

Reichen Lehmkuhl (L), Rodiney Santiago (R)

*in my Big Sean voice* (from the song “Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay“)

Hold up! Hold up! Hold Up! Hold Up!

I’m at a loss for words because that relationship was completely over on season 2 of “The A-List: New York.”  Not to mention, I’m just a few moments from posting an interview with Reichen, conducted just before Thanksgiving, where he says, “Right now, I’m not serious with anyone at all, and I’m completely single.


According to ETOnline, the rest of the cast includes:

Excerpt from the VH1 press release:

From the producers of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew,” “Couples Therapy” is the first reality show to examine firsthand the real life experiences of a group of buzzed-about couples.  For some of these couples, living under constant scrutiny from the media and fans makes it increasingly hard for them to stay together and VH1 wants to see why they can’t seem to go the distance.  These five couples at a crossroads in their relationships will join together for 21 days as they undergo intensive relationship therapy.  Under the guidance of Dr. Jenn Berman, a nationally renowned relationship therapist, the couples will participate in group and individual therapy along with relationship exercises out in the “real world” to see if they can rekindle the love they used to have for one another — or if it’s simply time for them to move on.

UPDATE MARCH 16, 2012: The show’s air date is nearing! Check out the Super Trailer from VH1 below…

Get More: Couples Therapy

  • Check out the VH1 “Couples Therapy” show website- CLICK HERE.
  • The show premieres March 21, 2012 at 9/8c

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  1. I don’t understand how Reichen and Rodiney can be apart of this show IF they are not together UNLESS it was taped while they were still together. None the less, I’m sure this will be interesting to see. 🙂

  2. Jose- I know it sounds surprising, and your suspicion is correct. Reichen and Rodiney have not been dating for a while now. I’m guessing their purpose on the show will be to see if they can rekindle their relationship in a lasting way. Should be interesting!

  3. Surely, let’s hope so. I mean, I love Austin but tearing them apart was a bit much. We all know he wants Reichen all to himself but despite the fighting (just like in any modern relationship), Reichen and Rodiney looked cute together. I must say, I was jealous JUST A BIT. 😉 None the less, it should be interesting. Can’t wait to see how it goes. Might serve some dish about it on my site once it airs. 🙂

  4. how can i watch this in the UK

  5. Ellen- i’m not sure. if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you might want to post the same question directly to VH1 and see what they say.

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