Ill Poetic: ‘Numb’ (free download)

Hip hop artist, producer, and entrepreneur Ill Poetic released a fresh track for his fans last week called “Numb.”  It contains a sample from “Infinitum” by Flying Lotus that sets the haunting melodic backdrop to which he rhymes about artistic freedom.

Numb to the world,
Eyes closed,
Dreams of the new,
New world I chose…

Listen below, and download it HERE.

Currently, Ill Poetic is working on his forthcoming EP “Synethesia: The Yellow Movement.”  He received accolades from Geoff Barrow of Portishead in an interview for the Village Voice.  Regarding, Ill Poetic’s “Mood Music Third,” Barrow states:

Portishead has been dutifully sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZAand a young Timbaland, not to mention flipped on records by Slick Rick, Three 6 Mafia, and Canibus. But Barrow’s favorite Portishead rework is the Cincinnati DJ Ill Poetic’s mash-up of their music and the vocals from Joe Budden’s mixtape Mood Muzik 3.

Keep up with everything Ill Poetic by visiting his blog, subscribing on Twitter, and/or friending him on Facebook.  He knows I’m patiently waiting for him to drop “Bleach” – the only hip hop track to bring me to tears.  The lyrics were powerful and his performance was on point when checking him out at A&R Music Bar in Columbus, Ohio earlier this year.  I’ve been a fan ever since I became a fan of his music partner in crime Illogic a few years back.  If they ever come through your town, you definitely want to go check them out!  That’s some real hip hop!  😎

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