Scream Tour 2011: EXCLUSIVE interviews and concert footage with Diggy, Mindless Behavior, and Jacob Latimore

Hundreds of young Milwaukeeans came out to The Rave on a school night to watch performances from Diggy, Mindless Behavior (MB), and Milwaukee native Jacob Latimore back on October 27, 2011 for the Scream Tour.  I think my ears are still ringing from all the screaming young girls, LOL!  Of the performances that night, I have followed Diggy’s career most closely here on Ifelicious Thoughts.  Therefore, I knew I had to come through for my Diggy fans when he made a stop through my new fave city (i.e. new hometown, lol)!!!

While Diggy was my main reason for me being at the Scream Tour concert, you know sista girl worked it to land impromptu backstage interviews with Jacob Latimore and MB.  If you show some love in your comments for them, too, I will work my hardest to get even more press and exclusive footage online for Jacob Latimore and MB real soon!


Covering Diggy’s career has been one of my defining moments on Ifelicious Thoughts.  I was pleased to learn that I was Diggy’s first press interview when he started going all out on his rap career, and I’ve covered nearly every piece of news that has landed in my hands ever since.  From as many hits as blog posts here about Diggy get, I can tell a lot of you love him, too.  It was an honor and a true privilege to get to meet him in person for an on camera interview that night at The Rave, and I had to hold my jaw from dropping too much when I successfully convinced his team to let us (me and my newest photog collab partner Leanna Vannarom Photography) watch his show.  What we didn’t know was that we’d be watching it from the stage!!!  Best. Moment. EVER!!!  Thank God I wasn’t relying on just myself to capture everything alone this time because Leanna’s images are absolutely amazing.


Read all of my blog posts mentioning Diggy – CLICK HERE.  Download his latest single “Do it Like You” featuring Jeremih on iTunes and Amazon.

Find Diggy online: website, Chivalrous Culture, blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

VIDEO: “Copy, Paste” by Diggy

Scream Tour 2011 Photos



MB is the headlining act for the Scream Tour.  They are just a joy to talk to, and I’d love to interview them again with better lighting.  Find them online: website, Twitter, and Facebook.  Download their album “#1 Girl” on iTunes and Amazon that includes the smash hit “Mrs. Right” featuring Diggy.

VIDEO: “Mrs. Right” by MB featuring Diggy


Jacob Latimore is another young up and coming artist.  You may have heard his single “Like ‘Em All” that’s gaining popularity.  He’s also got acting bug and has landed a guest starring role on the new BET series “Reed Between the Lines.”  I didn’t get to interview Issa, but he has also been on the Scream Tour and performs the remix of “Like ‘Em All” with Jacob onstage.

Find Jacob Latimore online: website, Twitter, and Facebook.

VIDEO: “Like ‘Em All” by Jacob Latimore featuring Issa

BET’s “106 & Park” interview with Jacob Latimore and Issa

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