Logo’s ‘A-List: Dallas’ interviews: Meet Chase Hutchinson

(L-R) Taylor Garrett, Phillip Willis, James Doyle, Ashley Kelly, Levi Crocker, Chase Hutchinson

In the first two episodes of Logo TV’s “The A-List: Dallas” we’ve seen Dallas native and real estate finance mogul Chase Hutchinson (Facebook, Twitter, blog) fuss over his hair and host his annual party that had a “Footloose” style flash mob led by Ashley Kelly, James Doyle drunk and bartending, Phillip Willis punching James then exclaiming with the best line of the season so far, “Mark my word. This is not over!” and Taylor Garrett who pushes Phillip into the pool in anger with Levi being an unintended pool toss as well.

Sound juicy so far?  Well, Chase is next up in my interview series from the cast.  We spoke prior to episode 2 and didn’t have a whole lot of time, but in our few minutes you’ll see there’s a few more sides to Chase that we have yet to see on the show.

Chase Hutchinson

Chase Hutchinson

Here’s the interview:

Ifelicious:  Your bio on Logo TV’s website says, “this serial ultimate playboy has left behind a list of broken hearts longer than his investment portfolio,” so what’s that all about?

Chase:  That could fill 15 minutes. (laughs)

Ifelicious:  We don’t see that in the first episode.  Everything’s Levi, Levi, Levi, so explain that to me.

Chase:  Number one, that is not a direct quote from me.  It’s funny.  Levi definitely has his charm, and likes his multiple dating partners, but you’re definitely going to see me getting a little bit into that [too] as the season progresses.  It’s been a fun summer.  I’ll tell you that.  Lots of kissing, and lots of boys.

Ifelicious:  That’s the best way to spend the summer.

Chase:  Ya, that’s what I tell ya, honey.  It’s the best time to be single if you’re going to date.  It’s the best time to be dating more than one person at the same time.

Ifelicious:  Oh?

Chase:  I might give Levi a run for his money.  We’ll see.

Ifelicious:  Do you and Levi like the same kinds of guys.  Might we see some competition during the season?

Chase:  Not that I know of.  I will say this, Levi is a true friend to me.  I mean I love the boy as a friend.  We definitely would’nt tread on each other’s turf.  We both like to date, but if he knows that I like somebody, he’ll stay away.

Ifelicious:  Your Logo bio also mentions that you’re looking for Mr. Right, but it still sounds like you’re doing the ultimate playboy thing.  So are you really looking for Mr. Right?  Are you really at the place to settle down?

Chase:  I’m more than happy being single, for one.  It’s fun to date…but the people I can truly say I have loved in the past, I have not tried to look for.  They have just kind of sprung up on me.

Ifelicious:  I have to ask you about your hair because that seems to be a big part of you.  Do you have a bunch of products and do it yourself?  Do you have a favorite stylist?

Chase:  This is serious business.  The dating part, not so serious…It’s my quality time.  It’s an extension of my personality, honey. If you see me in the bathroom, I’m serious.  I’ve made a couple of people cry, so if you see me with gel and a blow dryer leave me be.  It’s not a laughing matter, honey.  There’s lots of stuff going on with the hair, honey.  I don’t always have the authority to choose what it wants to do when I wake up.  When it’s a good hair day, I just count myself blessed and say, ‘thank you, Jesus.’

Ifelicious:  Do you go to the salon a lot?

Chase:  There is one person who has touched my hair in the past four years, and he and he alone.  His name is Steven Keith, and he’s amazing. I have entrusted him with my hair.

Ifelicious:  A guy named Neil popped up on Twitter today and told me that we’ll see him mugging down with you.  What does that even mean?

Chase:  I think there’s a short little B-roll piece of me and him kissing in the first episode.    He’s actually a good friend of mine, and you might just see a little bit more of us during the season.

That was our chat.  I’m excited to see if Chase really does give Levi a run for his money when it comes to dating, and the whole hair thing and calling me “honey” is just so endearing in that southern gentleman kind of way.

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  1. Love Chase, he’s my fav so far!

  2. J- Chase is scandalous! Stealing Levi for himself. I have a feeling that Levi is a professional heartbreaker, though so Chase better hold on tight!

  3. As a Gay Texan..these guys really give us a bad name. For one thing..can’t Logo find at least ONE masculine gay man for their reality shows? Must we all be flaming queens fixated on our hair and skin and calling other grown men “honey”? Texas is filled with masculine gay men..guys who don’t give a crap about the brand of their clothing..what parties they attend..or trying to be the ultimate gay stereotype. Hard working gay men who develop real relationships and friendships..and don’t just try to screw every pretty boy that crosses their path. From what I’ve seen of this show..it is devoid of depth and quality..and is just a big wad of cotton candy -all hot air with very little substance. How people can watch this crap is beyond me..but me and my friends won’t be watching past the initial painful episode. Thank you Logo for continuing and celebrating our worst stereotypes..even when they are perpetrated by those mindless people in our own community. And one more thing: Real men..straight or gay..don’t use the word “honey” in everyday conversation. Grow some balls and talk like a man damnit..sheesh.

  4. Anon- i appreciate you offering your point of view, even if it is not supportive of Chase or The A-List: Dallas. i’ve watched the show, had an opportunity to interview the cast, and there’s definitely more depth after episode 1. you should read my interview with James Doyle i just posted recently about him coming out and growing up gay. at the same time, shows like this are mostly for entertainment value. i’m a straight woman and i don’t watch this show thinking all gay men in dallas or elsewhere are all like Chase or the rest of the cast.

  5. I think Chase is cute and just says what on his mind.I agree with him about Taylor,he is a real ass and sucks at most things .That i have seen on the show.dump levi and more on.you deserve better sweetheart.

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