Diggy has a sure fire hit with his latest single ‘Do it Like You’ featuring Jeremih

Diggy Simmins Do It Like You

Diggy, now that’s how you do it!  This young heartthrob just dropped his second single “Do It Like You” off his forthcoming album that is sure to race to the top of the charts and make the #Jetsetters (his fan base) let out shrilly screams as he continues on the Scream Tour with “Mrs. RightMindless Behavior.  This blows his first single “Copy, Paste,” from his upcoming album, out of the water.  You got a chart topper on your hands, Diggy!

Take a listen to the track that features “Down On MeJeremih on the hook blending that hip hop and R&B sound that is so in demand in today’s music scene.  “Do It Like You” will be available for download on iTunes starting October 24, 2011.  No word yet about a video, but I’m sure one’s got to be coming out soon as well.

In case you couldn’t put your finger on it right away like me, yes, the song borrow’s “hold up” on repeat like you hear Big Sean say in “Marvin and Chardonnay.”

Don’t shoot me if I get some of the lyrics wrong, but this is what I think you hear in the chorus. Comment with corrections and I’ll make the adjustment.

Hey, there she go
That’s the one I got to know
Such a cutie, right?
Girl, my boo is tight
They gonna do it like

The way her hair flows
Way she walks
Got a love jones
When she talks
Such a cutie, right?
Girl, my boo is tight
They gonna do it like

My favorite lines besides the chorus:

It’s the simple things in life
We take for granted because we rush
I just want to gain your trust
As well me as giving you mine

What’s your sign?
I’m an Aries
I’m a 90s baby…

Between being a 90s baby and rappin’ that he wants to respect this girl he likes just makes me melt Bieber style. So, I’m tossing a training bra on your stage for this track (i.e. me likey)!

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  1. Jeremih is echt een geweldige zinger.
    Met een fantastische stem. Geniet echt van hem

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